“We have plug and play, custom built, Virtual office.”

“A plug and play office is a ready to move in office. Spaces that are curated and can be occupied immediately.”

“We have properties that are in bare she’ll conditioned. That can be built and customized specifically as per your Requirements.”

“If your headquarters are located in a different city. And are looking to have office address in a different City for billing registrations and other purpose you can register For a virtual office with us where we shall help you with all formalities.”

“Yes we do provide managed services that include taking care of your Electricity, pantry, admin, security, facility management all at a pocket Friendly cost.”

“Yes we sign a minimum of two years lease depending on the office type you Choose as we are not a CO Working company but help in creating your Own exceptional work space to thrive.”

“Absolutely not we are completely transparent in all our operations and Costing to make it the most cost efficient and highly productive experience.”

“Yes we closely work with you through the Journey in understand your Current and future needs and address them accordingly.”

“Depending on your office type, location, city, size availability You could move in immediately or a max of 45 days from finalization Of space.”

“Yes we can our property team is constantly scouting for properties And in most cases we are able to provide the space within the radius of 5 km of your requirements.”

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