We are meeting the vast challenges and opportunities of the commercial real-estate space by creating products and introducing innovation that is changing the status-quo of the industry. We are growing rapidly and are looking for inspired and hardworking individuals to join us.

Sales Executive

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BRIC SPACES is a technology-driven, full-service, commercial real-estate company specializing in designing and delivering world-class office spaces. We provide private, virtual, and turnkey office spaces that are ergonomically and beautifully built to help businesses thrive. We were recognized as most promising startup in INDIA by GEG summit(Global Entrepreneurship Award) and we are currently incubated by WeWork Labs , Bangalore.

Our vision: 

We envision every BRIC SPACE to be a home for new ideas, connections, and experiences. We want to facilitate ease of business and provide office solutions that nurture small and medium businesses. We believe that the future of the industry is at the confluence of technology and human creativity and this is the area that we want to work in.

Our core values:
Honesty, consistency, and functionality lie at the heart of all our activities. Each venture, be it building the largest office in town, or be it building our own team, or working with investors and partners in the industry, these are the values we strive to adhere to.

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